Warehouses in Mataró (Barcelona) and Getafe (Madrid)

We will study the solution that best suits your needs


More than 1.500 m2 in Mataró (Barcelona) for storage and distribution.


More than 4.000 m2 in Getafe (Madrid) for storage and distribution.

If you want to free yourself from fixed costs, you need external storage, want to reduce your structural costs to gain flexibility, contact us

Merchandise reception

Stock management and control

Merchandise reception


Our reception system allows us to carry out a unitary control of the products that enter our warehouse and place them in their most suitable place according to the type of merchandise and customer.

We offer the customer up-to-the-minute information on the status of their stock in relation to the arrivals, departures or other movements of their products from our warehouse.

Our clients pay only for the real space they need at any given time, this way they can reduce their fixed costs and convert them into variables based on their needs at any given time.

We carry out all types of manipulations. Preparation of orders, preparation of special Kits, promotional marketing, etc.

Packaging and labeling


To guarantee that the merchandise reaches its destination in optimal conditions, special care is necessary, as well as correct packaging and labeling.