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We have more than 1.500 m2 for warehousing at your disposal, with capacity for 2.500 pallets, 3 loading docks for the loading and unloading of all the goods; and all the required means for the correct reception, location, and manipulation of our client’s goods.


Our system allows us to make a unitary control of all the products entering in our warehouse. The system automatically places all the goods in the most suitable location; taking in consideration its weight, height, type of product and client.


Our system is constantly updated with the real stock situation for each one of the goods we have in our warehouse; so our client can check via web in real time their stocks, the entrances, the exits, and all the other movements related to their goods.


We offer our clients the possibility of having their goods in our warehouse; so they can reduce their fixed costs and just pay for the real space they are occupying in every moment. By doing this, our clients are turning their fixed costs into variable costs and, what is more important; they are making their business more flexible and more adaptable to the market changes.


We do all kinds of manipulations; since the preparation of our clients’ orders to the preparation of special kits for a certain campaign, promotional marketing, etc.


In order to guarantee that all our client’s orders arrive to its destination sound and safe, it is extremely important a special care and a correct packaging and labeling of all the goods.


Setradis offers its central warehouse as a Hub for all those companies that need to make the break of their loads (Cross-Docking), for a later distribution in a closer area.